Monday, 7 May 2012

Flying a Harris Hawk

Today Little-N has had the amazing experience of flying a harris hawk. At first he was a bit scared and alarmed by the weight of the bird. The trainers were very encouraging and by the end of his session he was confident holding the bird. His love for birds of prey has lead him to learn the English and Latin names of many species. I'm thinking of registering him on a junior falconry course next month but  I'm not sure if it's too early for him to start serious bird training!

Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Little-N has been working with line activities in the geometry curriculum. He has learnt about vertical and horizontal lines. 
A bowl of water with a floating stick  is used to demonstrate a horizontal line. A plumbers line was supposed to be used to demonstrate a vertical line. I didn't have a plumbers line, instead I used a padlock on the end of string [not clear in the picture but he got the idea].

Once Little-N was clear on the differences between vertical and horizontal lines, I gave him a load of his pictures to sort into vertical and horizontal pictures.