Saturday, 31 October 2009

Finding The Rhythm

I can't believe that its been so long since I blogged! This month I have been extra busy for three reasons. Firstly I am doing a Degree in Montessori which will finish Summer 2011. It's been keeping me very busy as I am now back to essay writing, background reading and researching. Secondly I will be taking my Elementary Montessori exam this November and I'm not quiet sure if I'm ready for it :(. Thirdly I am working many more hours at school than I ever did in my life. With all these things keeping me busy I'm finding it hard to find a much needed rhythm and balance between work, studying, Little-N and personal time. Don't worry tho, I will continue blogging and as soon as I find my rhythm I will once again share with you all the amazing things the children are doing at school this year. There really is so much more going on at school the children have not progressed but they have LEAPED and we are only 6 weeks into the school year! Anyway I'll be back soon that's a promise.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Parts Of The Tree

This is the work of one of my 6-9yrs children, she spent a whole week working on this doing bits here and there. She traced around each piece of the tree puzzle and then carefully cut them out. She then stuck them in her science book, where she made a little pocket to hold labels for each part of the tree. I think it looks amazing!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

World Animal Week

Last week was world animal week and we had loads of exciting activities planned for the children.

On Tuesday the children had bear day. Each child brought in their favourite teddy, they then had a group session all about bears.

On Wednesday we had a bake sale to raise money for animals. The children baked cakes and we encourage parents to come in and buy them.
My class made simple coloured cup cakes and decorated them all individually. It's fun cooking with them and I am planning to do so once every month.

The ladybird and bee cakes were made by my sister. They sold out really quickly, she also made tiger and monkey cakes but they were all gone by the time I got my camera out.

The tray on the left are the cupcakes that were made by my class.
On Thursday the children came in dressed up as their favourite animals. Little-N was a lion, I couldn't find him a costume anywhere so together we made him one from felt the night before. We also invited a lady from the WSPA to come in and talk to the children about endangered animals. They all enjoyed the week so much! This year we are planning to do a lot more of these weeks focusing on different topics.