Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Upper Elementary - Advanced Montessori Grammar Symbol Charts

I have just returned from my upper elementary training where I got to see some of the most complex and beautiful advanced grammar and mathematics lessons. I have about a month until schools starts back and now I have a long list of upper elementary materials to make for my class. I am super excited to show Noah [who is now 11 years btw] the new activities and he is itching to get his hands on them as he patiently watches me make them.

The first material on my list....

Advanced Montessori Grammar Symbol Charts

I finally got to see the complete presentations and understand what each symbol represents. The charts contain the 9 regular symbols plus additional symbols for abstract nouns, proper nouns, auxiliary verb, intransitive verb, copula, infinitive, participle and gerund. The reasoning and thought behind each symbol emphasizes the greatness of the Montessori grammar curriculum.

I have added these charts to my shop here just in case anyone else is in need of one for their classroom.

Next I will be making the personal pronoun lessons...