Monday, 21 November 2016

Great Lesson 1 : Molecules [Post 10]

After working on the periodic table and atoms, work can start on the study of molecules. I love this lesson as it enables the child to become familiar with the basic molecules which we can then refer to in other presentations such as a lesson on photosynthesis. Allowing us to go much deeper with our presentations.

I made these molecule cards for the children to use as guidelines for making molecules.

The cards cover 30 basic molecules and are designed to be used alongside a Molymods kit but can also be used with homemade molecules. These cards are very popular in my store.

Here's Noah working with the basic elements using the molymod kit.

The molymod kit can be purchased from Amazon and is reasonably priced.

Here are some other ideas of molecule kits I've found in the blogsphere:

(Photo from Critters and Crayons)

I love this molecule kit used by Critters and Crayons

This is a lovely example of homemade molecule models.

Here is another lovely blogpost using a molecule kit.

I found this lovely sample presentation on the basic molecular theory using marshmallows and toothpicks.

Interestingly, after Noah worked with our molecule kit and cards, he began seeing molecules everywhere. Once day we walking into a furniture store and saw a light fitting which consisted of balls and rods. Noah immedietly said 'Look mum they've made a methane light fitting'. I love the way Montessori children see the world.šŸ˜†

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