Friday, 15 August 2008

A few great finds..

I found two great materials at Tesco, they're not strictly Montessori but can easily be used in a Montessori way.
The first is a magnetic map of Europe, it comes with a set of magnetic flags and magnetic labels for all the countries and cities in Europe. Little-N loves working with this. I decided that I will introduce him to 5 flags at a time.

The second is a a squared magnetic board that comes with small magnetic number tiles. These can be used for Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Little-N will use this with the Montessori beads when he doesn't want to write. I was hoping that they would have magnetic numbers from 1 -100 [perfect for hundred board] but they didn't.

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Teresa said...

Hey there,
I'm loving your blog :) If you would like more magnetic numbers, you could always print them out onto magnetic paper - type 'magnetic paper' into google and you get loads of places where you can buy it. Then you could have all the numbers, letters, pictures or whatever else you want.

Best Wishes,