Thursday, 14 August 2008

From Hungry to Hungary

This is why I love Montessori Homeschooling. Yesterday morning Little-N was asking for his breakfast the conversation went something like this:

Little-N: I'm hungry

My mum: Your from Hungary?

Little-N: No I am hungry.

Me: Did you know there is a country called Hungary.

Little-N: Ha Ha no there isn't

Me and my mum: Yes there is....

And that is how a project starts. You follow the child and seek those precious moments to inspire him into learning.

So we got out the atlas. Look Little-N what does that say 'h...u...n...g...a...r..y' 'Hungary'. Checked what continent it's in and looked at some pictures from the country. Then Little-N decided to make a flag. Out came the paints and a flag appeared. This is a learning experience that will last with him for life, he will always remember those colours he painted, and the continent he found the country on!
Each day in a child life should be a day full of learning and wonder!

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