Thursday, 7 August 2008

Look what I found in the storeroom

While I was looking for some mathematics materials in the schools storeroom I came across a big box that had 'Nienhuis' written on it. I asked the head teacher and she said she didn't know about it, so I went ahead and opened it. I found this amazing cultural material.

This is the map of Europe. It has a set of flags for each country and another 2 sets of flags one with the countries names and the other with capital cities. The set included three control charts for the flags, countries and cities. The school bought it years ago and forgot about it!! How I don't know! If I owned this it would be in my living room where everyone can see it!!

I also found another flag material. Can you believe it?? Two master pieces in one day. This one is the World flag map. It has about 36 flags from around the world. The school got this from Absorbentminds sometime last year.

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