Thursday, 7 August 2008

Finally I have my own classroom!!!

Our Early childhood class was very very spacious and we need an extra room for our older children. The builders came in and built half length walls to section off part of the early childhood class. Now we have an extra room :), it will be our first Montessori 6-9 class. The room is quite small [but hey its better then nothing] and we will start off with three 5 1/2 year old children.

To the left of this picture is the rest of the early childhood class.

Here is the class from a different view. The bottom left corner is where the door is.

There was lots of cleaning and reorganising to do. I had to remove all the early childhood materials from the shelves and then bring in the 6-9 yrs materials.

I only managed to set up the mathematics and cultural areas.

The 6-9 Mathematics area has so much materials I ran out of space !! I haven't even got the bead cabinet yet and there's no where to put it!

Here is the cultural area, its full of maps and maps and more maps. I am so excited that this year I will be teaching something new! I still have other materials to add in the cultural area but i haven't made them yet.

The curtains need changing and those stickers on the windows need removing. I decided to buy an Orchid to put on the corner shelf between the windows.

Over the next week I will be adding in a creative , sensorial, advance practical life and language areas. The nice thing about my class is that it is still attached to the early childhood class, the older children can go between classes as they wish. The younger children can come in to observe or ask for the help of the older children. More about my class later!

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Gigi said...

N, as you know I am working on my Lower Elementary Training. I would love to see closeup pictures of the shelfs and if possible explanation of what you have on the shelfs.
Thank you! Gigi