Monday, 16 June 2008

Money Matters

Sorting the money

'Three Period Lesson'

Little-N got a money box for his birthday, since then he has been collecting all the change he can find. Today I taught him the names of the coins.

To start off the child need to match the coins, its essential that the child can see the differences in shape, size or colour before you start to name them. Allow the child to match coins or sort them in rows or into dishes. Its also good to get the child to polish the coins or make coin rubbings so that s/he becomes familiar with them.

Once you are sure the child can sort the coins properly, start teaching the names with the 'Three Period Lesson'. You can do 3 coins at a time, for example teaching 1p 2p and 5p.

Little-N is still on the naming stage, once he knows all the coins I will show him how to count them and use an activity similar to the 'changing / bank' of the Golden beads.

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