Sunday, 9 October 2016

Blog on...Updates...

I know it's been a long time since I last posted. I see amazing things in my class and snap photos with every intention to share...but somehow never get round to posting them. The demands of life take over and before I realise, almost a year has passed. I am grateful for all those readers who still message me here or on Facebook, to ask me for the next post and to tell me how much they miss my regular photos and comments. I am amazed that I still get 100s of visitors on this page every day despite my infrequent updates.

I have every intention to renew my blogging traditions and bring life back to this page. My life has moved onto a new stage. One that is more focused on being a Montessori Trainer that truly supports student teachers to become the best Montessori teachers possible. I hope this new focus allows me more time to blog and the opportunity to achieve some of my other Montessori goals. As a Montessori trainer, I will not only be focused on training teachers but as a homeschooler, I would love to support families who decide to use Montessori as the way to educate their children. also not so little anymore...he's twelve and well on his way to the next plane of development. It's fascinating to see the transition and to see how he compares to peers who didn't attend Montessori. I would like to share the success of his 12 years Montessori journey and show those of you how are still on their journey with younger children that Montessori education really works. The fruits at the end of the Montessori home-schooling journey are well worth the struggles.

So, I hope and pray this post is the first of many more to come. And if my blog goes quiet again...please send me a little nudge to keep it alive...X

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