Friday, 18 July 2008

Addition Strip Board

Little-N has been working with the addition strip board. Its amazing how easy it is for a Montessori child to master the use of new materials. I believe this is due to the firm foundations that are set down by the early Montessori materials that a child works through when they first enter a Montessori school. It is essential that the child always starts from the beginning of the Montessori sequence and move through the materials appropriately. I have observed children who missed out on materials [for example the spindle box] and I have always found that it takes them longer to progress on other materials later on.

When I have a child entering Montessori at 5 and they can already count and know the letters, I still take them to the beginning of the Numeracy and Literacy curriculum and allow them to work with the materials following the correct sequence. Doing this has always brought about great success and achievements. Each Montessori materials has a direct aim which we know [ for example that the child practices counting to ten] and there are also Indirect aims and these are as important for the child to absorb. SO if the child can count to 100 I would still start with the sandpaper letters.
Here is Little-N working with the addition strip board.

The little Starfish in the picture is his new favourite toy. It came in a basket of shells for £1.50 from the local gift shop.

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