Thursday, 10 July 2008

End of Year

It has been a while since I posted! I have been extremely busy with end of year preparations.
Reports, paper work, updating files, making portfolios for each child and practicing for the end of year party. Personal time goes on hold while I try to end the year as best as possible.

I'm saddened as many of the children will be leaving to go to a Reception class next year. I spent the parents evenings explaining to some parents how their child will learn nothing new in reception class since they can already read although they are only four years. I'm praying that each child teacher next year will see the gems inside them and allow them to flourish. I hope their freedom will not be taken away and the their individuality will not dissolve.

Luckily I have three 5-6 year olds coming back in September. Together with the three of them we will start our first Primary class [Elementary]. My summer will be spent, building, painting, furnishing and creating our class. Its exciting, I have been searching so long for a school in which I can do what I love most.

Today I was given a Montessori DVD 'Discovering Montessori with Tana Ramsy'. It has a good introduction to the Montessori method and lovely video clips of Montessori schools in the UK. You can get a free copy from Its ideal for parents or students who are considering embarking on the Montessori path.

Lots of work to do, not time to knit or sew!!

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