Thursday, 31 July 2008

Montessori Maths materials are not out dated

Today a homeschooler said ' The montessori math materials are out dated, mathematics has developed since'. She said that there are plenty of modern materials that are better for teaching mathematics!!!

The montessori mathematics materials are not outdated!! Not by anyway. There is an amazing actvitiy to teach each concept and all the materials come together in a way or the other linking all areas of mathematics together and even linking mathematics to other areas of development. The only way someone can assume that the montessori materials or method is outdated is if they have not yet developed a deep enough understanding of the materials and principles. And if you don't have enough knowledge about the materials or method you can't Judge!!

The mathematics materials teach complex and abstract concepts in a concrete way that even the younger children can learn with ease. Each step is carefully planned and each new activity has just the right amount of challenge.

The materials that she said were better, were not concrete, worksheet based and nothing continued into other concepts to allow the child to build their understanding step by step. If I was a child I would get so bored and confused by them. I'm not just saying that to defend Montessori but honestly whats fun in a work book when you can work with Golden beads??

Once you get to the Elementary level you really understand how fun mathematics is. The materials are not just GREAT their SUPER!!

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