Sunday, 27 July 2008

Grammar with theme game

The montessori Grammar activities are carefully planned, they may seem very simple but as they build up one after the other Little-N will have developed an understanding of English language that will allow him to enjoy creative writing.

An important thing to do when you present the grammar materials is to take it back to the THEME GAME. This is where all the grammar will come together, so that one day the child is no longer labeling objects, but forming stories.

My theme game for Little-N is a dolls house. Most montessorians use a farm set. In the pictures he is labeling all the nouns in the house. As you can see there are many [and when i by more furniture there will be more]. The next step will be to bring in the articles, but I first have to present the Article and Noun game which i will be posting shortly.

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