Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Count through till 99

Each time I work with a Montessori Material I fall more in love with the method. There is an activity for everything and a purpose for every activity. Here Little-N was working with the ten's beads. He already knows the quantities and symbols for 10,20,30,40...90 so it was time to give him the hard part 21,22,23,24,25....98,99,100.
Before doing this activity its best you teach the quantities using the ten bead bars by the 'Three Period Lesson' [10, 20, 30]. You should also teach the symbols for 10,20,30..90. Then when the child has mastered that you can go on to this activity.

Materials for this activity: 9 golden ten bars and 9 golden units

  1. Lay out the materials with the box on the top left corner, the ten bars vertically next to it and the units in a vertical line next to the ten bars.
  2. Take one ten down. Ask the child ' Can you remember how much this is?' If yes bring down another ten and ask the same question.
  3. Next bring down one unit and say ' Now its 21', bring down a unit and say '22' and continue until you reach 29. Then say 'and if we had one more we would have 20 and 10'. At this moment bring down a 10 bar and place it next to the 20, then move the units all back up to the starting place. The child should already know that 3 tens are 30. Ask the child if he knows how much 3 tens is.
  4. Continue in the same way counting all the way to 99.

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