Thursday, 31 July 2008

Grammar: Article

Little-N has been practicing with the article grammar cards. This is what we did:
Have a basket with several objects [4 cups, 3 pegs, 2 dogs....]
A noun Card for each object [with a black outline or on black card]
Article Cards [with grey outline or on grey card: You will need to have an 'a' card for each object and abt 6 'the' cards.
  1. Take the basket to the mat.
  2. Lay out the cards [I place the articles at the top in two piles an 'a' pile and a 'the' pile. Then below them I would have a pile of noun cards. Place the noun cards in order so that the child will read cup, then cup, then cup ex..']
  3. Remind the child of the 'Nouns' and ask the child to place the object and word together on the mat. Ask the child to read and place the next card and object on the mat [this would be cup again]. Do this until the child has read all the words that say 'cup' and matched them with the objects.
  4. Point at the article cards and tell the child that we place these before the noun cards. Take an 'a' card and place it in front of the 'cup' card. Invite the child to place an 'a' card in front of the other 'cup' cards.
  5. Next remove the additional cup objects and cards and leave only 1 object and 1 noun card. Remove the 'a' card and tell the child that when there is only one we can put a 'the' card.
  6. Do the same with the other objects and cards.

After the child has understood this concept extend the activity. Provide the child with a basket of objects in which you place some objects in doubles and other in singles. ask the child to place all the objects in groups on the mat. Next ask the child to label the objects with the noun cards. Provide enough article cards and ask the child to place them in front of the noun cards ensuring that 'the' is placed for the single objects and 'a' is placed for the double objects.

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