Tuesday, 4 November 2008

An addition to the family

The other day I and my mum bought a kitten. We have always loved cats and have had many in our lives, however due to moving countries we had to leave our cats behind. This was so hard for me and I miss our cats and especially my cat.

This is Annabel [that's her name for now] she is 8 weeks old and is truly a delightful kitten. She sleeps with me in the bed, plays with Little-N and does all those cute things one would want from a kitten. Having her is a pleasure but its also a pain as it brings back the memories of my cat Remus who is in Egypt, I had to leave him behind when I got divorced and moved back to the UK.

Remus was the sweetest cat ever, he was the son of my mothers pedigree cat and so I had the pleasure of caring for him since his birth. He slept on my head as a kitten, shared my marmite sandwiches and hugged me when ever i needed it. He talked to me in his cat language and we had a connection that was a true gift. He now lives with a friend in Egypt, I cant wait to see him when i visit.