Saturday, 15 November 2008

Water colour painting

Last week I added a water colour painting activity to my class. The children love it and surprisingly they're all managing fine with the wash in between colour changing.
I have set up the activity as follows:
A tray which contains:
-water pot
-water colour pallet
-paint brush
-paper towels.
The child gets the tray from the shelf and also gets a creative mat and paper. The child then goes to fill the paint pot. Next the child removes the lid from the pallet and places it above the tray. The child wets the brush with water from the paint pot, taps it on the edge of the paint pot twice and then taps it twice on the paper towel. The child then chooses the desired colour and paints with it. To change the colour the child has to wash the brush in the water pot, tap twice on the edge of pot and twice on paper towel and then goes to the colour. The children seemed to get that fine and I only had one child who messed the colours but she wasn't from the primary class, she had come in from the early childhood class for a while. At the moment the children are just having fun experimenting with the paints, soon I will show them how to paint flowers and landscapes. I love painting and hope that I will soon find the time to return to it as a hobby.

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Annicles said...

Are you in a classroom with 6-9 year olds? Could do a blog about your daily schedule please! I'd love to hear how you incorporate the deamnds of the dreaded National Curriculum into the Montessori curriculum and how you facilitate each child in choosing appropriate work without being too prescriptive.

The water colouring looks lovely! Such a calming thing to do.