Monday, 17 November 2008

Poetry: The Sun

Every two weeks I introduce a new poem to the children. Last week we did 'The sun' poem as it runs with the classroom theme. The children love poems, especially engaging poems. At times the want to recite it and at times they just want to listen. I am planning that with each poem the children will do a piece of art work that goes with it, so that by the end of the year they have an illustrated poem book. Here is the poem we did[I found it somewhere on the Internet]:

Don't you think the sun is bright?
I wonder where it goes at night?
Does it sleep or does it hide?
Or is the moon its other side?

Does it hide behind the hills?
Late at night as outside chills?
Do you think it needs to rest?
From all that warming it does best?

Could it even have a home?
Maybe in London or even in Rome?
Or does it just float around?
Moving slowly from town to town?

Yes, I think it must do that!
After all the earth's not flat.
So the sun goes round and round
Spreading sunshine on the ground!

I love that this poem is full of questions, the children are so eager to answer them each time the poem is recited.

We did a collage of the sun, I wanted to do something different, new and exciting however everything I tried wasn't right! So if anyone has any ideas of art work to do with sun plse do let me know.


nun said...

Hi N...
the poem is is really sunny...u may let them draw whatever they think of when they hear the word sun...what comes in their minds..sun (yellow, planet, round, warmth, hot, summer, beach, ice-cream and so on....)

nopinkhere said...

The only project I thought of was to do a watercolor resist sort of thing. Draw the sun in yellow or orange crayon with some white clouds. Then watercolor a blue sky over the top. Lovely, appealing poem! Thanks!

umm3 said...

papermache sun perhaps?you could spread the project over a few days,layer a day to make it stronger then paint,even glitter perhaps.

probably small balloons best,water bomb type for those little fingers and more accurate shape.

yrs ago children at my school made a papermache globe,although little messy they loved every bit of the project and teaches them patience too!

N from the Learning Ark said...

Thanks for your ideas and comments, Little-N decided that red, yellow and orange beads on a yellow pipe cleaner bent into a circle will make a good sun. I love having plenty of crafty bits available so that he can come up with his own idea’s.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful poem. My kids love to listen to poetry. I am going to start reading them more often. Thank you for the reminder.