Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Peace Basket

Traditionally a Montessori 6-12 class would have peace table where children can go in order to resolve conflicts or quarrels without adult help. My class is to small for me to allocate a whole table for that purpose, so instead I came up with a 'peace basket'. I just added this activity to my class, but i haven't had the need to present it yet.
When two children quarrel they are directed to go and take the peace basket to discuss their problem. They lay the activity out on the floor or table as in the picture above. The child who suggested the peace basket holds the shell in his hand and explains how he feels. The other child has to sit and listen to his friend. When the child has finished talking, he gives the shell to the other child so that he can now talk. They have to discuss their feelings and why they are upset with the other child. Only the child holding the shell can speak and they take turns until they have solved their problems and made up.
Traditionally the children will hold a peace flower instead of a shell. Once the problem has been sorted the children are supposed to ring a bell, however because my class is small I decided not to use a bell as it may disturb the other children. Instead i have put a little box in the basket which contains cut out hearts, the children can give one another a heart to show that they have now solved their problem. Here's a close up picture of the hearts:


nopinkhere said...

I think this sounds like a great interpretation. Please tell how it goes if you ever need to get your kids to use it.

Annicles said...

Our peace flower gets used from time to time. What is lovely is when a child decides s/he needs to use it without being directed to. It has been interesting to see how often a child will turn to it when we teachers hadn't considered it necessary. It is always respected and always helpful.

A spin-off of this is that a child who has used the peace rose will request that we make silence. An interesting connection.