Saturday, 1 November 2008

Little-Ns knitted hat collection

Little-N has always been famous for his hats. I and my mum take pleasure in knitting to warm his little head.
Here are some hats from this years collection:

The pixie hat: This is a must, I knit it last spring and its one of those hats I throw on when nothing else matches. I didn't follow a pattern but there are many free patterns for this hat on the Internet. I love pixies and I had to have my own pixie!

The pumpkin hat: This hat is always used, if not by him then someone else. I love it to bits. He had a smaller one with leaves attached to it, but when he grew out of it my mum made him this one and we never got round to adding the leaves.

The berry hat: which I don't think he'll be wearing out this year! He decided his Teddy can wear it instead.

The DRAGON hat: Little-Ns favourite, the pattern is from 'Little badger Knitwear'. Its getting too small now and I might pass it to his nephew and then I'll have to knit him a new one.

The helmet hat: I made this a few months ago.

We haven't named this hat. My mum made it for Little-N a few months ago and it matches perfectly with his brown clothes.
Here is the pattern.

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