Friday, 28 November 2008

Did I say Little-N wasn't writing

Well..... yes I did. But then this happened...

Yes Little-N has finally decided to document his thoughts and write a few things here and there. It feels great, Little-N isn't that little anymore, he's reading and writing. Now.. I know his letters are back to front and a mix of capital and lower case, but its a good start one that I will have to react to in a Montessori way so that he independantly improves his writing.

By the way, in case you want to know, he's working on the Antarctica folder. He chose a few pictures and stuck them in his book and then labeled them. I find that having colourful real picture ready for children to work with really helps inspire the children and sets off sparks. The 8yr old I have at school, choose some picture from Australasia, she researched about them and wrote up the information. Her and Little-N worked side by side for about and hour on this project. Its amazing how 4 years difference doesn't seem to be a problem when the children are in the right environment. She helped him with his writing and he helped her with her spelling.

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