Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A bit of biology

I picked up a human body model at a carboot sale last week end for £2 and I thought it would make a fun and interesting activity for some of my older children. I get grossed when I see pictures of organs, or even think of the organs we have inside us, but I managed to pull myself together long enough to make some cards for the activity.
I made 4 part cards, 1: picture and word, 2:picture, 3:word 4:information card. The activity is done as follows.
1. The child lays out pack 1 of cards in a vertical row and the top of the mat.
2. The child finds the matching picture, then word and then reads the information card.
3. The child searches inside the body to find the organ that resembles it. This step is the fun bit, as not all pieces are visual when the body is complete. The child must first remove the lungs so as to find the heart and so on. Hopefully this will help the children remember where each body part is in our body.
4. The child goes to the next card on the vertical row and does step 2 and 3.
5. The final step is the child has to put all the organs back in the body and its harder than in looks. It took about 10mins for one of my 6year olds to put the body back together.

One of my 8 year olds did this activity, after she completed it, I asked her if she enjoyed it. She replied 'No, it made my stomach hurt!'. Nice to find someone who feels the same!!
You can download these cards here.

And I'm very sorry for not replying to some previous comments, I promise I'll do so soon.


Renée said...

I think my daughter would *love* this activity, and I would be extremely grateful for a copy of the cards - I'll send you an email.

Thanks so much!!

nun said...

Have nothing to say......Great as ususal....Great.

Cherine Muirhead said...

Thank you so much for sharing these! We have a human torso model with removable organs, so these are perfect! I have been busy getting anatomy materials ready so this is perfect timing. Thanks again:)

PerfectlyPatois said...


I was wondering if the cards are still available as the link seems to be broken. Thank you.