Friday, 12 June 2009

May's Pictures

I have had such a busy month and still no internet connection at home!!
So much has been happening at school and the children have taken me on a long learning rollercoaster. Here are some photo's taken in May: 
Making geometric solids.
Working with addition chart A.
Drawing with pastels. This girl made some AMAZING pictures.
Little-Ns castle drawing/story. He often tells a story of how the knights fought the bad dragon, as he tells the story he draws his picture and includes all these tiny details.
Addition chart C.
Past and present verbs.
Addition on a number line: although this isn't an original Montessori material, I think its important for the children to learn how to use one.
Little-N and a caterpillar that we found, a few weeks later it turned into a big black moth . 
Using the grammar symbols with the farm.
A pattern made by an 8yr old with the pattern blocks.

Little-N dressed as a pirate and making costumes for his friends.
Practicing crochet.
After presenting the VERBS i give the children a story and ask them to highlight all the verbs they can find in red.
Working with the 5 bead chain. 
A few patterns made with constructive blue triangles.


Renée said...

Wow! What productive work - it looks like May was a great month in your classroom!!

nun said...

The pic with the huge this a million???WOW..WOW..WOW...tell me about it plz next time you can...

Gigi said...

I love these monthly picture posts. Great work!